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  • ZS is itself, among other things, a kind of rolling event or process, but within that there is a pulse of online and IRL/local events. The “backbone” of the ever-evolving system of events is the series of Game Days held online every Saturday. Saturday is the mid-point of the ZS week, which everything revolves around, since it is on Saturdays that most members are most likely to be online at some point.

    The weekly online events are connected to monthly live events in London and Utah, and annual gatherings in Europe, the U.S.A, and Asia-Pacific region. You can find up-to-date details of all such events as they are announced – both online and IRL/local – via the tables below:

    26 AUG 2017 NET
    Last Things First
    02 SEP 2017 NET
    The Twelve Houses
    09 SEP 2017 NET
    The Monastery
    16 SEP 2017 NET
    The Process
    23 SEP 2017 NET
    Dharma Hacking
    30 SEP 2017 NET
    07 OCT 2017 NET
    The End
    14 OCT 2017 NET+IRL
    Zero Day
    21 OCT 2017 NET
    Propaganda of the Deed
    28 OCT 2017 NET
    Ragged Tyger
    04 NOV 2017 NET
    11 NOV 2017 NET
    18 NOV 2017 NET
    Golden Tesseract
    25 NOV 2017 NET
    02 DEC 2017 NET
    Last Dance Club
    09 DEC 2017 NET
    16 DEC 2017 NET
    The Keys
    23 DEC 2017 NET
    30 DEC 2017 NET
    RF Bachman Presents