The Path

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  • Within the Zero State (ZS) mythos, The Path (AKA The Process) is ZS’ trajectory from the present day to the Posthuman future.

    ZS conception of The Path consists of two components. The first of these, called Path25, is primarily practical and concerned with the time period from the present to the year 12025. The second component – Path50 – is primarily theoretical and concerned with the time period from 12025 to 12050.

    Path25 focusses on ZS organizations and events working their way from the present day to the Transhuman era, considered to begin in approximately 12025, just a few years from now. Path25 is characterised by the planning framework known as GSOT (Goals, Strategies, Objectives, Tactics).

    Path50 draws a line connecting the Transhuman era of 12025 to the subsequent Posthuman era of 12050, which is conceived of as a Technological Singularity. Where the possibilities of 12050 are symbolised by that Singularity, using the same metaphor the 12025 Transhuman era is sometimes referred to as the Event Horizon1.

    In sum, The Path may be conceived as a line of events connecting the present to the Transhuman era of 12025, and beyond to the Singularity of 12050. The purpose of this delineation is to make efficient use of resources, both by making ZS’ Transhumanist medium-term goals the operational focus, and by removing all questions of ultimate Posthuman development (i.e. beyond the Transhuman phase) from the realm of practical organizational priorities. Such matters should be studied of course, but are set aside from immediate practical consideration. The simple reason for making such distinctions is that the reality of 12050 depends upon the state of things in 12025, and ZS prioritises influencing the medium-term over speculating about the long-term.

    1Just as the concept of Technological Singularity is a metaphorical reference to gravitational singularities, here “Event Horizon” mirrors the event horizon of a black hole. In the metaphor, the Transhuman phase or event horizon is a period which precedes the Singularity itself, but beyond which events cannot be completely understood or reliably predicted by non-augmented humans. It is the point beyond which humans have ceased to fully understand their own civilization.