1.0 The Path

Within the Zero State (ZS) mythos, The Path (AKA The Process) is ZS’ trajectory from the present day to the Posthuman future. If the dates below seem a little confusing, having a “1” too many at the beginning, its because ZSers often use the Holocene Calendar, which starts 10,000 years before the Gregorian Calendar, thereby including the entirety of human civilization.

ZS conception of The Path consists of two components. The first of these, called Path25, is primarily practical and concerned with the time period from the present to the year 12025. The second component – Path50 – is primarily theoretical and concerned with the time period from 12025 to 12050.

Path25 focusses on ZS organizations and events working their way from the present day to the Transhuman era, considered to begin in approximately 12025, just a few years from now. Path25 is characterised by the planning framework known as GSOT (Goals, Strategies, Objectives, Tactics).

“The Path” and “The Process” are names for the planned trajectory from the present day to an abundant, Posthuman future. That trajectory works backward from our final goal, which is to build a robust Social Futurist sphere of influence defined by its pro-technology, mutual aid Principles.

Progress from step to step is a matter of gathering and organizing resources, particularly in the earliest phases when we are establishing a firm foundation for later work. Resources such as money, time, food, shelter, favours, secure healthcare, communal support and so on are strongly interrelated, in that each resource type can to some extent to translated into other forms as and when necessary. For example, access to money means that time otherwise spent working for others can instead be spent furthering the cause and your own future.

3.1.1 REALM / Path25 / 12020-12025

As a fulcrum or interim goal, we focus on establishing a Social Futurist realm by late 12025. We quantify this goal as having one hundred thousand people who live in geo-communities which explicitly identify and affiliate with Social Futurist networks, and ten times as many active Social Futurists online. Achievement of this interim goal would demonstrate a momentum which renders our highest goal achievable by mid-Century.

Working toward this goal, we employ the approach known as ‘GSOT’; an acronym for Goals – Strategies – Objectives – Tactics. GSOT is a kind of planning hierarchy, in which you start by identifying a goal, then strategies to achieve that goal, then objectives which constitute a chosen strategy, and then specific tactics to reach those objectives, starting with the most near-term objectives.

The timeline below operates as a series of subgoals (G), and thus all teams aiming to achieve these goals must develop appropriate strategies, objectives, and tactics (SOT), as a matter of personal initiative.

3.1.2 3 years / 12020-12023

In order to reach our Path25 goal, we must prepare a firm foundation by 12020-12023. If we consider an order of magnitude growth from 12020-12025 an acceptable minimum, then by 12020 we need ten thousand people living in SF affiliated communities, and a hundred thousand SF activists online.

Successful linear growth from 12020-12025 would mean achieving total community population 500,000 (with 10% in explicitly Social Futurist geo-communities) by 12023. An exponential curve, with population doubling annually from 12020-12025 would see us reaching that 50% mark later, approximately 12023-12024.

3.1.3 1 year / 12018

In order to reach our 12020 goal, we must have created a kind of template community, a dozen of which would fulfill our minimum requirements in the space of two years. Such a template community would be associated with a specific geographic centre, have approximately 800+ people close and committed enough to regularly gather there, and an associated online presence of eight to ten thousand people. Only one such community need exist by late 12018, with others learning from its example as they are established over the following two years.

3.1.4 3 months / FEB12018

Our 12018 goal will be a major milestone, and in order to achieve it we will need a significant event to attract attention and galvanize our efforts. February is the showcase month of House Adhar, AKA The Foundation, which will be working in cooperation with House Corrino (AKA Legion).

This is essentially a six-month process, which begins with an international event under the aegis of House Adhar, and ends six months later with the establishment of a community managed and officially launched by House Corrino. Each of the Twelve Houses would be subsequently responsible for sponsoring, launching, and managing one of the first twelve SF communities.

3.1.5 1 month / DEC12017

Staging an event with enough impact to launch a community is no mean feat, and it requires serious, intelligently coordinated effort. It cannot appear from nowhere, but rather needs the ground prepared, appetites whetted. It requires cooperation between multiple groups with common interests, and a shared understanding of what binds them together.

The best way to raise attention, and funds, and to articulate common concerns is a media release paving the way toward the Foundation event. A book (in the broadest sense, utilizing all modern media platforms) can raise awareness and resources in advance of the event, while priming its audience with a shared understanding of what is at stake, and what must be done. The book release we have planned is known as the Black Book.

Path50 draws a line connecting the Transhuman era of 12025 to the subsequent Posthuman era of 12050, which is conceived of as a Technological Singularity. Where the possibilities of 12050 are symbolised by that Singularity, using the same metaphor the 12025 Transhuman era is sometimes referred to as the Event Horizon1.

In sum, The Path may be conceived as a line of events connecting the present to the Transhuman era of 12025, and beyond to the Singularity of 12050. The purpose of this delineation is to make efficient use of resources, both by making ZS’ Transhumanist medium-term goals the operational focus, and by removing all questions of ultimate Posthuman development (i.e. beyond the Transhuman phase) from the realm of practical organizational priorities. Such matters should be studied of course, but are set aside from immediate practical consideration. The simple reason for making such distinctions is that the reality of 12050 depends upon the state of things in 12025, and ZS prioritises influencing the medium-term over speculating about the long-term.

1Just as the concept of Technological Singularity is a metaphorical reference to gravitational singularities, here “Event Horizon” mirrors the event horizon of a black hole. In the metaphor, the Transhuman phase or event horizon is a period which precedes the Singularity itself, but beyond which events cannot be completely understood or reliably predicted by non-augmented humans. It is the point beyond which humans have ceased to fully understand their own civilization.