ARCON001: The Black Book

ARCON001: The Black Book

The Black Book (so-called in reference to an earlier Zero State release) is the first media release from Array Consulting and the re-launched Zero State, Part 1 of which is to be published Sunday 31st December 2017 (simultaneous with the Little Black Book).

Parts 2 and 3 will be released in April and August 2018, respectively. Each Part has twelve chapters (one per House), and is free and exclusive to full Supporting Members of the Array (including all core Zero State members).

To receive a free, exclusive and personalized copy of the Black Book, you must be a core ZS member or Supporting Member of the Array, which costs a one-time-only Founding Investment of £50. Membership comes with a range of benefits (which you can read about at, but at less than £17 each the three parts of the Book alone are worth the cost of membership.

To join – and receive your copy of the Black Book – please pay via the PayPal button below, leave an identifying note in the text field, and send an email to so that we can respond accordingly.

Note with payment:

The Black Book is a combination of novel, game, art object, and social-political document. Primarily written and edited by Dr. M. Amon Twyman, it is the story of the unfolding 21st Century, and of a pivotal time in human history. That pivotal moment is a kind of Singularity, in which various accelerating trends (some good, some bad) converge in a brief period of massive, radical change. Here I am not using the word “Singularity” to refer only to directly technological change (such as development of Artificial Intelligence), but to all exponential change evident in the world today. Much – if not all – of that has been caused by technology, yes, but is now woven into the very fabric of our societies and world. Hard times, and strange times are coming.

The Black Book tells the stories of the founders of the Zero State, and as such is deeply personalized to the people who receive copies, and is the basis of the ZS Alternate Reality Game. It is both a record of events, and a way to establish the founding mythos of a better future, to inspire others. If the Black Book is successful, it will be followed by sequels in future.