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Array Consulting is a Think Tank founded by Dr M. Amon Twyman, focussed on the interaction between advancing technology and social trends. The Array is a network of groups and organizations with related interests, including a key partnership between Array Consulting and the Gestalt Gamification Group (G3). To discuss anything Array Consulting might be able to do for you, please email


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Core organizations within the Array have a mutual membership arrangement, meaning that the members of one also receive the status and benefits of membership in all others. Full Supporting Members of the Array pay a single Founder Investment of £50 for individuals, or £250 for organizations, and receive the following benefits in return:

Individual Membership:

  • Full recognition as a founder of The Array
  • Voting rights in the Social Futurist Congress
  • Free access to all public events, online and IRL
  • One showcase event per year, tailored to your team’s key interests
  • Automatic membership in all core Array organizations
  • Access to resources managed by those organizations
  • A personalised copy of the main Array media release, each year
  • Full, personalised support in all Array events and activities

Note with payment:

Organizational Membership (Social Futurist Congress):

  • Full recognition as a founding organization within the Array
  • Voting rights in the Social Futurist Congress
  • Subsidised access to all Array events for your members
  • One presentation or workshop per year tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Membership options in all core Array organizations for your members
  • Access to resources managed by those organizations
  • Representation and advertising in the main Array media release, each year
  • Option of cooperation in all Array events and activities

Note with payment:

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Array Consulting offers bespoke workshops, tailored to the needs and interests of your organization. Such workshops are hosted by cognitive scientist Dr. M. Amon Twyman and a range of affiliate speakers (by arrangement), using a combination of online and IRL teaching methods. Workshops are charged at a rate of £120 GBP per hour, with discounts for Array members.

Workshops are offered in the following areas:

  • Accelerating technological development and societal implications
  • Technological disruption of established markets, institutions, and traditions
  • Artificial Intelligence and advanced simulation technologies
  • Psychology of improved learning, memory, and decision-making
  • Systems and decision analysis of companies and other organizations

To discuss the possibilities of a workshop designed to your specifications, please email

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A number of Array-affiliated organization publish media releases, some of which are discounted or free to Array members. Furthermore, there is one key annual release developed between all of the Array organizations which is free to Array members, and which can be bought individually (in a strictly limited edition) by others.

2017’s key release is a set of three publications, collectively called “The Black Book”, in reference to an earlier publication from 2012. The three parts of the set (listed below) will be released on Friday 22nd December, 2017.

The releases are a Limited Edition run of 100 (i.e. 100 non-fiction books, 100 fiction books, and 100 copies of the EP), being sold for £20 each. Full sets of additional personalised copies will be sent to all Array members for free, meaning that membership is the cheapest way to collect all three releases in a personalised, Limited Edition set.

ARCON003 Social Futurism: Non-fiction book, Edited by M. Amon Twyman

Note with payment:

ARCON004 Blackstar Rising: Fiction book & graphic novel by The Array

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ARCON005 The Black Book EP: Musical release by Null-A

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Public events of many types are hosted by organizations affiliated with the Array, from scientific conferences, to social-political meetings, to arts events and music shows. Some of these events are online, some in locations around the world, and some both at the same time. Most of those events can be found via the websites of the various Array affiliates, but several key events are promoted across the network each year.

The next such event is a mixed (online/IRL) Zero State meeting to be held in February 2018, with aspects held online, in London (UK) and in Utah (USA). Details of the event will be linked here soon. Tickets will be available for sale, but Array members will have full access for free, as with all key Array events.

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