ZS membership

The Zero State (ZS) has three levels or types of membership, as follows:

1. Core Members

The substrate underpinning the Array’s Posthuman governance is a system of twelve Houses, each of which is a vast organization by the 2040s. Each House began as a small group of five people, tasked with laying the foundations of their future tribal identity.

The sixty core roles are arranged into twelve groups of five. Each such group is a team, acting as the initial “seed” of what will eventually grow into one of the Houses of the late 21st Century Zero State. For those who take the ZS mythos seriously, this is a serious commitment and statement of personal solidarity. For those who prefer to see ZS as a game, then the core members are the fully supported participants in that game.

2. The Keys

Beyond its founding team of five core members, each House is also represented by an additional seven members known as the Keys. Each Key is tasked with a major role in the establishment of their House, supported by a team of their own, extending the work done by the core members.

3. Subsidiary Membership

Beyond the core roles there are “subsid” (subsidiary) members, who are actively and explicitly supportive of a team or group led by a single core member, and through that core member have allegiance to a particular House within ZS. Subsid (i.e. subsidiary) membership requires active support and explicit affiliation with a core member’s team to remain valid.

Subsid members are initially assigned to House Corrino by default, under the leadership of the role/character known as “Legion”, but may switch to another group (and potentially House) if another core member will accept them. Core members have their own criteria for such decisions, some of which are a lot more liberal than others.

To join as a subsid member you can simply request to join a ZS resource such as a mailing list, Facebook group or wiki (links in the ZS Directory). To request membership as a core member, please email contact@zerostate.net.