4.4.1 Enclave Politics

The Principles of Social Futurism

The work of Social Futurism must be based on local, replicable models, which can be efficiently scaled up to deal with larger issues. Thus, the local community is always of immediate importance, and efficient communication with others is critical. Where the work in question is primarily based in virtual space, “local” means small groups and functional communities, as opposed to high-level organizational groups. Where Social Futurist activity has an influence in physical space, “local” refers both to small communities and the geographic areas associated with them.

Direct democratic activity should be embraced locally, with every citizen taking some personal responsibility for enacting the Principles. Representative (as opposed to Direct) Democracy may only be employed where elected representatives have clearly and systematically limited powers.

The Social Futurist movement is intended to be fully distributed and decentralized, with the Principles being applied on a local basis. Given that intention, there should be no central point of focus which makes the entire networked community vulnerable in any critical manner. Power is in the hands of the membership in Social Futurist organizations, and in the hands of Free Citizens in Social Futurist communities.

Science, art, philosophy and technology – as tools we use to understand and shape the world – must be used in a balanced and rational way, as a matter of maximizing the utility of our resources. Similarly, we must balance innovation and trade with protection of the community and environment.

As Social Futurist activity becomes increasingly decentralized and locally oriented, waste is to be minimized where possible. The drive toward efficiency includes local recycling rather than export to centralized waste management centres, and an emphasis on telecommuting (working via shared virtual environments and other electronic systems) rather than unnecessary physical travel.

The work of the Social Futurist movement takes place initially, and primarily, in virtual space. There we have greater power to explore and manipulate the environment, and it is easier to safely contain any experiments. In developing a virtual sphere of influence, we aim to escape subjection to the tyrannies of geography and the traditional Nation-State.

Commitment to virtual space does not mean, however, that we consider ourselves earthbound. On the contrary, our commitment to exploration prioritizes that of off-world environments. Virtual Social Futurist communities will afford a common cultural platform for physically distributed groups. Exploration and colonization of space in Posthuman form is imperative, in order to maximize the likelihood of our long-term survival.

Where possible, the Social Futurist movement will promote abandonment of irreplaceable fossil fuels at the earliest opportunity. Where it is possible to combine such abandonment with technological development (e.g. Space-Based Solar Power driving a sustainable hydrocarbon economy), we should attempt to do so.

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