3.3.1 Post-Scarcity and Ethical Farming

The Principles of Social Futurism

Corollary Principle: 3.3.1 Post-Scarcity and Ethical Farming

Principles of Social Futurism / Expansion & Commentary 3.3 / 3.3.1

Social Futurism is an Abolitionist political philosohy in the sense coined by David Pearce, meaning that we seek to alleviate suffering through a combination of social and technological means. Our highest goal is to work toward a society in which involuntary suffering has been abolished by the considered, compassionate application of technology. It is critical to note that all such intervention must be consensual, and that voluntarily chosen negative emotions are not considered to constitute suffering.

In assessing the sentience of any entity, we will use capacity for suffering as a prominent factor in our judgment. We will not cause suffering to any sentient entity for science or any other purpose where there is any reasonable alternative. We will make particular efforts to embrace alternatives which encourage technological development, such as advanced non-invasive scanning technologies. We will also promote technological developments which increasingly allow us to avoid and alleviate suffering as much as possible.