2.2.1 Metaphysics and Values

The Principles of Social Futurism

Corollary Principle: 2.2.1 Metaphysics and Values

Principles of Social Futurism / Expansion & Commentary 2.2 / 2.2.1

A wave of technological change unprecedented in human history is coming, and it will sweep away the world as we currently know it. Technological development and its effects on culture are accelerating exponentially. After a critical rate of change is reached, the sum of previous human knowledge important to the new civilization will – relatively speaking – reduce toward zero. The terms “Event Horizon”, “Doctrine Zero” and “Zero State” refer to our lack of certainty in knowing what the future holds, beyond that point.

Although we cannot predict exactly what will happen, we expect that Artificial and Augmented Intelligence (AI) may be developed to harness the potential to solve many global problems, while Virtual Reality (VR) and nanotechnology may similarly be developed to harness the potential to recreate the world and its inhabitants.

Technology, the scientific method, and the advantages they confer must be preserved as a matter of priority. Unless a certain technology or experiment poses specific risks, then fundamental opposition to it on political, philosophical or religious grounds is contrary to the Social Futurist ethos. Deep consideration and debate of technological risks and advantages is, however, to be encouraged.

We recognize that advanced technologies often pose risks in addition to offering promise. Rather than being paralyzed by precaution, we must work to mitigate risks while maximizing positive outcomes. Maximization of the safety and value of technology is the long-term goal of the Social Futurist movement. We seek to promote Social Futurist principles, mutual aid, increased knowledge, expanded consciousness, good health, and prolonged life. As our control over physical reality and perception develops, we must aspire to truth and exploration.

Our mission is to transcend our limitations through the use of technology, and to help others toward such transcendence with their consent. Transhumanism is central to our vision of the future of civilization. This is defined as an imperative to technologically increase intelligence, expand consciousness, enhance our physical bodies, and defeat disease of all types.