Comment on The most incredible technology you’ve never seen by ZenZeddmore

We are so far behind schedule regarding molecular manufacturing that it isn’t funny. I used to think that we were better off waiting for the notion of bits to atoms to become commonplace via the 3d printer revolution, but no one has yet developed that killer app which would motivate everyone to “need” a 3d printer at home and we haven’t gotten to the stage where you can print a printer so the economics isn’t there yet either.
It’s not just visibility. Fear is a significant deterrent on many fronts. People are right to be concerned that nanotech has uses that are both unthinkably evil and unspeakably nefarious. Paralysis is the norm in such a case. “if the cart must be upset, then let someone else be responsible.” I see the ratio of time it takes to create vs the time it takes to destroy is like 1000:1 and despite that civilization advances. How could this be unless the ratio of people being constructive was more than 1000 times greater than the number of people being destructive. That we as a people have progressed from stinking cave dwellers to the magnificent civilizations that provide sustenance for billions shows what mans prevailing nature is. What if nanotech makes that ratio much lower? Short of a greygoo scenario, people see nanotech about as useful as “kids playing with matches” (only much more destructive – potentially).
Bottom line: If we assuage people’s fears, kindle a desire for development of mature nanotech will the way forward be greased and easy or will we find impediments blocking our path every step of the way?