Comment on Impact Investing Just Doesn’t Cut It by gabriel

Here’s a great idea. Faced with the complete collapse of ours and many other species on the planet, maybe that could be the incentive? Maybe everyone could just take, say, six months away from whatever capital driven vapid bullsh*t that they are engaged in and actively work to fix the problem 😀

Cancer researchers! Cancer can wait. It didn’t go anywhere for the last 20 years, but we may if you don’t pay attention.
Bankers! Your money is useless if you can’t breathe. Seriously though. I hear you went to school, do the math.
Biotech people! Carbon cycle. Get on it. Vegan meat is not a fix.
Every single person. We are about to die. Focus, please.

And people who honestly don’t believe that they have something to offer: If you are young, don’t worry, you’ll find your way. If you’re over 30 and still confused, the media has been telling us that a way to cut back on carbon is to not have kids. Do everyone a favor and remember that you were someone’s kid. Get the drift? Don’t be a waste of oxygen.

If we need to incentivise investing in not dying, maybe we’re too stupid to live. I am fed up with this think pieces on people with resources trying to figure out how to not drive the planet into a hole.

I’m genetically engineering trees to grow twice as fast twice as big and nobody dropped a dime my way. So, hurrah for your investments. We’re still totally boned atm.