The five ZS Channels

The following ZS outlines the core organizational structure of ZS with explanations of the logic behind its various parts:

Perhaps the most important thing to note on that page is a set of five email addresses which constitute the sum of all “proper channels” by which I might be reached re: ZS matters. If you need to have a conversation with me in a timely manner about some issue clearly relevant to a particular core function within ZS, then this is the way to get in touch.

You may well be able to contact me in other ways, but those are unofficial/low-priority channels when it comes to my responsibilities to ZS, and so going forward I cannot give any guarantees that you will receive replies via non-priority channels (not only in a timely manner, but at all). In the past I have made sincerely-intended promises to reply or do certain things by certain times, but the brutal reality is that when demands on time and other resources are far beyond what we have available, it is better to make no such promises and instead set firm operational priorities. It is a simple matter of scale and organizational efficiency.

Additionally, if you send a message to one of the five channel addresses listed below (and explained on the event page) that is irrelevant, unclear, or you are not a recognized member of a ZS House, then you are unlikely to receive any response.

These channels are not for general discussion or vague questions. They exist to facilitate ZS’ growth and development, and serve only ZSers.

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