The Seven “Keys”

The Zero State is organised into twelve Houses, and each of those Houses began with twelve Founding Members.

The first five of those are the Core members, each of whom leads their own crew of “subsid” (subsidiary/affiliated) members. The five Core members of each House together comprise a kind of meta-team, known as the House’s Core Team. That Core Team is tasked with establishing their House in the years 12017-12018, by recruiting, developing the House’s internal culture and traditions, and working on projects known as Missions.

The remaining seven Founding Members in each House are known as the Keys, individually referred to as “First Key”, “Second Key”, and so on up to “Seventh Key”. Whereas the Core members are focused on the Zero State and their House specifically, the Keys exist to keep ZS at the vanguard of Social Futurist thought and action. In other words, the Keys’ duty is to understand, develop, and promote the Principles of Social Futurism, and to actively ensure that their House’s culture, goals, and methods not only remain aligned with those Principles but become a beacon of best practice to guide others.

Within each House, the seven Keys approach their collective duty from slightly different perspectives. Each Key corresponds to an aspect of society, and the person in that role works to develop strong connections between their House’s focus Principle (see above) on the one hand, and their assigned societal aspect (see below) on the other. Such connections should help society, while deepening and promoting understanding of our Principles (and of ZS along with them).

The aspects of society assigned to the seven Keys are:

Keys:Societal Aspects:
1st / 1°Teleological paradigms (goal-oriented ideologies, political philosophies)
2nd / 2°Determinist paradigms (science, technology, engineering)
3rd / 3°Network Society paradigms (complexity & emergent phenomena)
4th / 4°Scientific, Academic, Legal, & Religious groups
5th / 5°Governance, Intelligence, Military, Policing & Security systems
6th / 6°Business, Finance, & Economics
7th / 7°Media, Political Parties, Unions & Direct-Democratic networks

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