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You’ve seen The Matrix, right? It’s a 1999 sci-fi blockbuster in which the hero learns his entire world is a computer simulation, and he fights with his new buddies to escape the Evil Controlling MachinesTM.

What if I told you that you’re facing a similar situation, right now? That’s rhetorical, I know the answer: Most readers won’t believe, or care, or even care to think too hard about what that might even mean. A (very) few will think “Oh yeah, I’ve heard this one, the Matrix is a metaphor for social control…”, or (at a stretch) something about “Roko’s Basilisk“.

No. I’m talking about something much more immediate, and personal. A choice is being made for you, right now, and you only have any say in that choice if you keep reading, and keep paying attention. Still here? Oh good; it’s nice to know you care what choices are being made on your behalf…

First things first, let’s take a moment to consider the so-called “Evil Machines”. Technology can be a very good thing, to the point where using it is often synonymous with choosing to survive. The history of Humanity is the history of adaptation and innovation. Our global civilization has long since passed the point where any plausible conflict was between “machines” and “people”. There are machines and people and all sorts of combinations of the two on all sides, in every conflict, and that isn’t going to change.

So the real question isn’t about “Evil Machines”, but simply whether you are being controlled, how, and by whom. Who you are happy to be associated with, and who you do not want to be controlled by.

If you’ve read this far, then you probably have your suspicions about whether you are being controlled, and perhaps even how or by whom. Leaving conspiracy theories aside, mutual influence pretty much defines the human condition, with our ability to survive and thrive being highly correlated with our ability to convince others that we should work together.

To cut to the chase: Unity is critical to survival, especially in hard times, and hard times are coming. People must cooperate to survive, it is as simple as that. So we must ask, who will you cooperate with for survival, to protect yourself and the ones you love? Who do you not want to have control over the fate of those same loved ones?

The bottom line is that you are in a Matrix, maybe even a few overlapping Matrices, and what really matters is not escaping all networks of influence altogether, but picking a side and working to build up your community of choice. Heroic individualism is all very well and good in theory, but in reality life boils down to who you choose to help, and how, and how they will help you in turn. The Array is a Matrix of sorts, but one which wants you as a citizen rather than a slave, will always respect your right to walk away, and which will always work for your wellbeing.

If you are reading these words and choose to become involved, then the Array assumes your support, and will support you in return. To the extent that you try to help others, you will be helped. Ignoring this message is just one of many ways of saying “I choose not to help”, and that of course is your decision. Like the Matrix, the Array has you, it sees you in the same sense that History sees you, and it will not forget the decisions that were made at this critical juncture in humanity’s journey, when so much was at stake.

Earlier I said “a choice is being made for you”, by which I meant that ignoring this call will be considered tacit, lukewarm support at best. When the world is facing a period of terrible and fantastic change, neutrality is no longer an option. Neutrality only leaves you without a support network in a world of accelerating change. The Array “has” you, in the sense that it – and the entire world – sees the choices you make this day. Those you choose to support may later feel encouraged and inspired to support you in turn, based on the example you set now.

This is not a decision which can be avoided or deferred: The time is now. Join Us and Live.

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  1. Any agent entity comes with or attains some degree of control. None has complete control. The fact that most current humans, even the most “powerful” ones, have very little control, and prevalent laziness (it is easier to project the cause of one’s discomfort on “otherness” than to do something about it) explain the tendency to assume hidden forces at work. In reality my answer to the question of “whether you are being controlled, and perhaps even how or by whom” is: yes, by circumstance. Prevailing physical conditions (my need for food and shelter, gravity, sunlight, rain), and the way they are being moderated by others and myself, are the limiting factors i have to chip away against in the pursuit of more self control. In this process i have over a life time built my current community of choice, without ever having to pick any side (but my own; not much picking involved there). I am all for (temporary – but then what is not?) tactical and strategical alliances, but in order to “choose to become involved” i would have to fully understand in what. I did not gain that understanding from following ZS fb group for years; in fact i find contradictory statements flying frequently, which is why i was hoping to gain it here. But “Join us and Live” lacks specificity.

    1. Well said René – thank you for posting!

      Here’s an updated ZS webpage, “The Path”, which outlines our initial plans & trajectory. The rest of the details will be up to those who continue to involve themselves, and given your proximity to all this I would imagine that will end up including you.

      You are right that “Join Us and Live” lacks specificity, but that’s because it’s a banner idea, a headline rather than a specific plan. For more details I would suggest starting with this and other pages at

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