What is the Zero State?

What is the Purpose of Zero State (ZS)?


The Zero State (ZS) is an organization formed in 2011 to work toward the establishment of a pro-technology, Transhumanist, distributed, virtual State. ZS’ motto is “Positive Social Change Through Technology”.

Our website is very new, with a lot of text and not many graphics, so details of our organization and activities are not always as clear as we would like, but we’re working on that!

ZS re-formed in 2017, with two key differences to its first incarnation:

(1) It is now “Social Futurist“, which is a political position for the use of technology to address social issues, sometimes also known as Technoprogressivism. ZS is one of a number of Social Futurist groups, some of which explicitly use the label, and others which do not.

(2) it now is developing under the framework of an Alternate Reality Game; i.e. a way that people and groups can interact and work together while building narrative and suspending disbelief for the purposes of encouraging imagination and motivation. Treating your work as a game does not make the goals of that work any less real or serious. The ZS game has its own sci-fi backstory, but participants are not required to pay any attention to that if they don’t want to. This is an approach to organization known as “gamification“, and it is particular to ZS, not something that Social Futurists do in general.

When is your next event? When is your next action in RL?

ZS runs weekly online events and monthly IRL events in London, with increasingly sophisticated online events and gatherings in other locations currently being planned. You can find event updates here.

Does it cost anything? How can I help?

Subsidiary membership (so-called because it requires being part of a team of active participants) is free, and you can subscribe to our blog, mailing list, facebook group etc to stay ahead of events entirely for free. In fact all forms of ZS membership are entirely free in the longer term, but some of the core (founder-investor) and organizational affiliate roles involved a one-time supporters’ investment to help get the organization started.

Regardless of what level and in what way you may choose to get involved, we hope you will take an interest in Zero State and Social Futurism.

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