The Array

The table below shows the early organizational structure of The Array, being the AI network which governs the late 21st Century Zero State. Aside from showing which Founders (labelled F01-F30) control which “Blocks” within the Array, the table also shows Dharma (Δ) – a kind of ZS reputation economy – currently accrued by each House and divided (according to the House’s own rules) among its twelve Founder-members.

[NOTE 14-01-18: The number of Array positions assigned to the control of each Founder is proportionate to the investment of that Founder. In most cases, each Founder controls their own slot, plus one more. Dharma accrued by each House starts at a default 100, and is the basis upon which all ZS resources and privileges will be assigned to Houses. Only three Houses (Adhar, Oneiros, Arrakis) have been granted Dharma for activity thus far. Initially, 100% of House Dharma is held by the acting House Leader / Contact, for in-House distribution as they see fit. To change in-House distribution values contact the Teacher.]

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