5.1 Dharma

A table of all Founder roles within the twelve Houses can be found via the link below, along with the latest accounting of the Dharma (Δ) reputation system: http://array.zerostate.net

In addition to ZS’ theoretical and medium-long term economic concerns, the combination of our Principles and practical realities necessitates a pragmatic initial approach to such issues. We might conceptualize this as a “scaffolding” approach, which is to say erecting a temporary organizational structure which isn’t theoretically ideal, but which makes the eventual development of an ideal structure possible.

Exploratory economic systems such as cryptocurrencies are actively encouraged across ZS, to the extent that they are compatible with our Principles, the ZS Constitution, and the Constitution of any given House in which such systems are employed. The core “scaffolding” system which initially integrates all such exploratory systems across ZS is known as Dharma.

Dharma is a deliberately simplistic in-house reputation currency of sorts, not intended as a theoretically elegant or long-term solution to ZS’ internal economics. It merely exists to lend initial structure and impetus to interactions between Founder-Members. The Dharma system works according to simple rules which will be posted here shortly.