The desert is a place where forgotten things may be found. The Teacher has returned from the desert, where he found what he was looking for. Now we may begin. If you already have a role, think on what it may entail. If you do not yet have a role but have asked for one, that will now be resolved. To reach the desert you must open a door, and to do that you will need seven keys, to follow over seven days. The keys force you to earn the right to pass through this door into the desert. ZSers may share the knowledge of the keys as they see fit, but they are not obliged to, and it may be that you will earn the right to pass by trading for that knowledge with those who have mined it directly. In any event, only those who can demonstrate effective problem solving and cooperation will be able to take this first step. Good luck.

KEY ZERO: 106-119-49-59

All things have characteristics, or defining features. Thus, in identifying anything we also implicitly define all which is not part of that thing. That complementary entity may be background, context, some opposing phenomenon or principle, or indeed an array of “things” that fall outside the definition. For example, the existence of light necessitates darkness, and the existence of day requires night. There can be no up without a down, no good without evil (or at least “insufficiently good”). In short, there can be no solitary thing in existence, by definition. Even the idea of “everything” (or variants such as “the universe”) automatically raises speculation about what (things may [SIC; do not count]) exist or have existed outside, before or after that totality. The Blackstar is a symbol of the ultimate, of infinity and Singularity, and all Houses of the late 21st Century Zero State unite under it, regardless of any differences or intrigues which may separate them. The only true singularity or unity, in the deepest metaphysical or ontological sense, is one which has no characteristics or defining features whatsoever. In other words, in the deepest sense any true all-encompassing singular principle cannot be any kind of thing, but must indeed be nothing. Furthermore, it is not only the case that all things must be multiple by their very nature, but also that there can only be one true nothing. A true and total absence – a complete absence of all context, characteristics and features – cannot be said to exist independently of another true and total absence. They are and must be identical; there can be only one.